Xabier Arakistain

Xabier Arakistain

moderated by Tereza Stöckelová

Women, the longest revolution


In the current hype of identity politics, the categories of sex, gender, sexuality, class and race seem to be on the foreground of radical political thinking. But too often the intersections between these categories seem to obscure that postmodernity has not changed the fact that sex is still the base for the oppression and exploitation of women. Women, the longest revolution an early, not very well known text by British psychoanalyst and socialist feminist Juliet Mitchell proposes the idea of revolution without forgetting the category of sex. It is a good case that proves that the political agenda of the so called second wave of feminism in the 1960s and 70s is still unfinished and unsolved.

Presentation followed by talk with Tereza Stöckelová.


(English, 60 min + 30 min, stage 1, simultaneous translation into Czech)


Xabier Arakistain is a feminist and art curator based in Bilbao/Spain. In his work he has pioneered the development of the implementation of gender equality policies in the fields of art, contemporary thought and culture.


Tereza Stöckelová is an anthropologist and feminist activist. She has devoted her academic research to the study of science, technologies and medicine. In 2010 she was one of the leading figures of the capitalism critical citizens’ initiative and protest movement ProAlt in Prague.