Ursula Baatz, Michael Hauser, Stephan Schaede

Ursula Baatz, Michael Hauser, Stephan Schaede

moderated by Jakub Ort

Heroic Atheism?


In 1958, Czech Lutheran priest and Hussite theologian Josef Hromádka published his Evangelium für Atheisten (Gospel for Atheists). In it he tried to reconcile christian doctrines and social ethics with the explicitly anti-religious dogmas of communism. Atheism has a long tradition in Czech, cast against the power of state and religion. During communist times, the anti-religious attitude was turned into a reason of state. Today, a majority of Czech citizens call themselves atheists, but in closer enquiry they identify themselves as believers nevertheless. How does this go together?

The participants of this German-Czech-Austrian symposium talk and discuss on belief and non-belief in post-religious and post-ideological societies.


Speculative introduction by Michael Hauser

Is there a name for the era we are living in? What would Luther and Lenin have said about our times and about us? What would they have thought of the present, what would they have done in our place?

To have a dialogue with absent personalities requires creativity and political engagement. In an imaginary discussion with M. Luther and V.I. Lenin, Michael Hauser will conduct a philosophical diagnosis of our time.


(Czech and German, 90 min, stage 2)


Ursula Baatz is a philosopher and journalist from Vienna focussing on topics related to religions. In her work she is seeking after connections between christian and far-eastern religious teachings.


Michael Hauser is a Czech philosopher. He deals with critical theory, neo- and post-marxism. He works at the Philosophical Institute of the Academy of Sciences and teaches at the Faculty of Education and Philosophical Faculty of Charles University.


Stephan Schaede is a protestant theologian and philosopher and director of the Protestant Academy, Loccum. In his research he concentrates on basic questions in ethics and the history of ideas in theology and in the natural sciences.


Jakub Ort graduated from the Protestant Theological Faculty. He writes for the monthly magazine Protestant and moderates the Hergot! show on Radio Wave. He is a member of the Klinika collective, a squat situated in Prague-Žižkov.