Radio Corax and Radio Papular and guests

Radio Corax and Radio Papular and guests

Radio Revolts 2.0 Resurrection


How to conceive of and intervene into the social? Does the appropriation of media as social tools automatically lead to more democratic forms of discourse? Is it even possible to build new communities with Facebook? Are smartphones social radios? Would Lenin have tweeted? The teams from Radio Corax and Radio Papular return to the Studio after 10 hours of free radio field work in Prague to present their materials and experiences, to discuss and to celebrate with guests of #LutherLenin.


(English and Czech, 90 min, stage 1)


Radio Corax is Germany’s largest free radiostation and is located in Halle (Saale). In 2016, the Corax team organized the festival Radio Revolts together with international radio activists, the first global meeting of radio artists worldwide.


Radio Papular is the name of a temporary radio project initiated on the occasion of #LutherLenin by the radio artists and activists Miloš Vojtěchovský and Michal Kindernay from Prague.


Team Radio Corax:

Lukas Hohlfeld, artist and radio activist from Weimar and Halle, Tina Klatte, cultural researcher  and radio producer from Halle, and Theresa Ehrenberg, artist and radio activist from Halle and Berlin, prepare radiorevolutionary contents and make the program together with the Czech radio activists. Marold Langer-Philippsen, radio artist and theatre director, is responsible for the mobile radio situations outside the theatre. Ralf Wendt, applied linguist, radio activist and performance artist, works on concept and direction.


Team Radio Papular:

Radiounit of Sonicity (Miloš Vojtěchovský, media artist, curator, author and professor at Academy of Performing Arts (AMU) Prague, Michal Kindernay, media artist and teacher at AMU, and their students from AMU) will compose and perform a 12 hours programme of immersive radio in the zone between Dukelských hrdinů and Bubny Railway Station.