Marie Czarnikow, Jasper Schagerl, Stefan Strunz, Noah Willumsen

Marie Czarnikow, Jasper Schagerl, Stefan Strunz, Noah Willumsen

(Research Group Small Forms, Humboldt-Universität in Berlin)

Reformations of revolutionary knowledge 1517-1917


No reformation, no revolution without formats. What we offer: to understand reformations as a media event, tied to a deep reorganization of knowledge. Formation and communication processes play a decisive role. If we understand reformation in this manner, it is no longer exclusively dependant on protagonists and decisions, nor on ideologies and convictions, but to a large extent it depends on  media and formats. We will go through four historical situations to put our assumption to the test  – using Luther’s Small Catechism, Harsdörffer’s Frauenzimmer Gesprechspiele, the Manifest of the Communist Party, and the diary movement of the New Man in the early Soviet Union.

Marie Czarnikow is a cultural scientist. As a doctoral candidate, her final thesis deals with the literary form of diaries written during WWI in Germany and France.

Jasper Schagerl studied theatre science, literary studies and is a media scholar. His dissertation project focuses on the early modern casuistry in the interstice of law and literature.


Stephan Strunz studied regional studies for Asia/Africa, social sciences and cultural sciences. His dissertation project focuses on the genesis and evolution of the curriculum vitae as an administrative literary genre.


Noah Willumsen studied comparative studies, art history and philosophy. His final PhD. thesis deals with Heiner Müller and the history of interviews.


(German, 90 min, stage 2, simultaneous translation into Czech)