Lumír Nykl

Lumír Nykl

A Mighty Fortress of Sirens


Luther’s songs were literally the sound that spread the Reformation Movement and in the course of the centuries these remained better known than his opinions. The name of this section is a blend of the name and melody of Luther’s most popular song and it also refers to the monumental Symphony of Sirens from Arseny Avraamov. This musical piece was created as a reminder of the anniversary of the October Revolution and its “happy chaos” – consisting of the sounds of weapons, machines and the thousands of workers’ voices. The composer perceived this revolutionary event as a liberation of the proletariat and machines subordinate to the capitalist system. Same like 100 years ago, machines and people still long for freedom.

The search for a new spirituality, mythology and sensuality, represented by choral singing and symphonic compositions can also be heard in today’s chaotic electronic music, clubs and streaming services, together with industrial noises, rhythmic sounds of machines and the jangle of weapons. Again, the future of art is represented by a female figure. However, she is no longer a passive muse, but a proactive siren. This piece will be accompanied by the performance of the Mexican post-club producer Mya Gomez, whose set will conclude the program during the evening’s after-party.


(Czech, 90 min, studio 3)


Lumír Nykl is a DJ, curator and publisher dedicated to contemporary club music and visual arts. He is a member of the Blazing Bullets DJ / AV collective and the RedForColourblind music publisher. It deals with predominantly emancipatory concepts and the possibilities of social change in cultural practice.