A2 collective

A2 collective

What is left of the revolution?


The cultural and societal context of the October Revolution and how it is reflected in today’s world is addressed by authors and friends from the journals A2 and A2larm. Together, they stage a political radio revue with a wild mix of philosophical discourse, literary writing, theatre play and revolutionary music.


Guests can look forward to performances by the DJs and musicians Dizzcock, Michal Špína and  Mary C, the philosophers and political scientists k!amm, Martin Vrba, Ondřej Slačálek, Jaroslav Fiala and Matěj Metelec, and the literary writers k!amm, Roman Rops-Tůma, S.d.Ch, and others.


(Czech, 90 min, stage 1, simultaneous translation into English)


A2 is a fortnightly Czech culture and politics magazine that combines critical information about art from all genres with a cultural reflection of politics. A2larm is a commentary web platform founded by A2 in 2013. It not only publishes political commentaries but also interviews, essays, and news from Czech and abroad, thus counterbalancing conservative websites and media financed by oligarchs.