Ilona Švihlíková and Miroslav Tejkl

Ilona Švihlíková and Miroslav Tejkl

moderated by Tereza Virtová

The End of Capitalism?


In their recently published book on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the publication of  Marx‘ Das Kapital, Švihlíková and Tejkl focus on how capitalism has developed as a socio-economic system. They assume that capitalism nowadays is on the one hand displaying pathological characteristics manifested in the dominance of economic rent over profit, but on the other hand it is also displaying new qualities – with signs of a newly emerging system. They argue that the emancipation of people was neither compatible with the privileges of society’s top 1 percent nor with increasing regulation. According to them, the new system has to have natural roots, which the authors foresee in a fiscal mechanism based on a self-sustaining system that includes modern technologies.


(Czech, 70 + 20 min, stage 1, simultaneous translation into English)


Ilona Švihlíková is a Czech economist, leftist publicist and a member of the Hussite church.  She teaches at the Institute for Global Studies at the private University Jan Amos Komenský. In her books and articles she focuses on political and economic aspects of globalization, on commodity markets, and alternatives to capitalism.


Miroslav Tejkl is a lawyer and the deputy mayor of Chrudim, a small town in eastern Bohemia. He has collaboratively worked with Ilona Švihlíková on several  texts revisiting the current socio-economic system.


Tereza Virtová is a doctoral candidate in the field of anthropology at the Faculty of Humanities at the Charles University and at the Centre for Science, Technology and Society Studies she is working on a project aimed at the empiric research of science. She also is also engaged in the research of work, technologies and post-socialism.