CreWcollective (directed by: Jan Horák and Roman Štětina)

Delay Observer’s Office


In between the radio programs, actors and performers of CreWcollective will spontaneously respond to the theses, thoughts, and clash of thoughts that have been intercepted, tapped, transcribed, or recorded throughout the previous programs. The emerging interpretations of the live actions are an attempt to translate and feedback the audio messages of the radio broadcasts by means of physical performance in the shortest possible time.


CreWcollective is an open, artistic association that systematically connects artists from various disciplines, working consistently in unexpected and experimental forms in the field between theater and visual art. Among its current members are Jan Bárta, Kateřina Dietzová, Jakub Hradilek, Eva Šusová and many other collaborators.

Roman Štětina  is a visual artist whose work is focused on radio, namely the radio studio. In his multimedia installations using video, objects, and sound, he shows how sensory experience can confuse the impression of what one really sees.


Jan Horák is a dramaturge, theater director and artistic director of Studio Hrdinů; a rigorous promoter of the contemporary theater on the borderline of linguistically demanding literature, stylized expressive acting, personalized directorial theater with an emphasis on impressive stage images, all transformed into raw or sometimes highly esthetized performances of acting and performance theater.