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Friendly Fire: Reports from the Frontlines of Democracy

(3 parts)


Part 1: Krystian Woznicki

moderated by Sabrina Spitz

What is to be done?, or: Update on the Coming Insurrection

What are we revolting against if the state has become an evasive, post-sovereign actor? While the traditional counterpart of any revolution – the state – seems to have disappeared, revolutionary actors rethink their strategies. Since 1989, revolutionary movements have been emerging in the transnational realm – that is, where the state and its corporate allies have relocated most of their operations and structures, acting on the verge of untouchability. One of the urgent questions in the room is: Are powers today haunted by specters of the revolution such as the mystified Black Block or do multitudes of masked, anonymous rebels actually challenge them in more concrete ways?


(English, 45 min, stage 2, simultaneous translation into Czech)


Krystian Woznicki is a Berlin based journalist and publicist focussed on digital cultures and politics. He is the founder of Berliner Gazette.


Sabrina Apitz is a curator and cultural pedagogical activist living in Berlin. She has been contributing to activities by Berliner Gazette regularly.


Part 2:  Sazae Bot

moderated by Michael Prinzinger

Anonymous Blockbuster, or: Welcome to the Spectres of a Bot

The alter globalization movement (an international social movement that is principally pro globalization but against purely economic globalization by multinational corporations) knows a counterpart to the black ghost: the white ghost. From the militant social movement called Tute Bianche to the playful collective Sazae Bot – a social media avatar that stages transgressive actions to change the world. The white robot from Japan instigates flashmobs, sings Snowden Files in its dreams and remixes Haikus and corporate logos with its 200.000 followers: Are you ready for the anonymous revolution? Are you ready for new narratives facilitated by the specter of a bot?

Performance, followed by an artist talk.


(English, 45 min, stage 2, simultaneous translation into Czech)


Sazae Bot is a parody bot avatar of the most famous Japanese manga character, Sazae-san. In 2010, it started as a bot on Twitter, copy-pasting phrases from various sources around the Internet. In 2016 it received the Prix Ars Electronica.


Michael Prinzinger is a software engineer with focus on Internet security and an educated traditional healer. He lives in Berlin.


Part 3: Iskra Geshoska

moderated by Magdalena Taube

How to Hijack a Country, or: Do we still Live in the Age of Revolutions?


Europe has not seen any revolution lately, right? Well, look again! Look at Macedonia for instance – or is this not Europe? Or wasn’t this a real revolution in 2016? Back then protests have started after the controversial decision by President Gjorgje Ivanov to stop the investigation against former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and dozens of politicians who were allegedly involved in a wiretapping scandal. Yet, the masses turned against this and staged what is referred to by some as the “Colorful Revolution”. Let us dig into it!


(English, 45 min, stage 2, simultaneous translation into Czech)


Iskra Geshoska is a cultural critic, curator and activist living in Skopje. She is a founding member of the NGO Kontrapunkt.


Magdalena Taube is a journalist and researcher focussed on digital journalism in Berlin. She is the managing editor of Berliner Gazette.