Anna Daučíková

Anna Daučíková

Try not to be in opposition (a first-hand story)


In her interweaved Czecho-Slovakian-Russian-Ukrainian narration Anna Daučíková will be talking about artworks of the Ukrainian artist Valery Lamakh, who was a renowned creator of monumental mosaics on many Kiev buildings in the 1960s and -70s. However, in those idealized pictures of happiness, characteristic for the so-called socialist realism, the insider could recognize a hidden layer of  „alien“ coding…

In Daučíkovás radio account the audible will become a mediator of the visible, which in turn visualizes the invisible, and she will take a close look at some paradoxes, that (seem to) have become obsolete today, when the meaningful artwork is conducted in spite of censorship and under the conditions of a great apathy.


(Czech, 45 min, stage 2, simultaneous translation into English)


Anna Daučíková is a queer feminist artist and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague. In the early 1980s she moved from her hometown Bratislava to Moscow where she lived and worked for nearly 10 years.