Alexander Tschernek and Tomáš Sedláček

Alexander Tschernek and Tomáš Sedláček

Anarchy & Freedom – A Walk Into The Woods


Many of the struggles of the past aimed for freedom. But where to find it, and how? What is to be done? Freedom can be understood as a collective desire, but also as a solitary, spiritual mission. The historical impact of revolutions and reformations intersect in the idea of freedom. We find ourselves in a wood full of thoughts, insights and memories. Equipped with texts by Ernst Jünger, Hannah Arendt, Albert Camus a.o. Alexander Tschernek and Tomáš Sedláček enter this would, reading, thinking and looking for clearings …


(German and English, 90 min, stage 1, simultaneous translation into Czech)


Alexander Tschernek has been doing linguistic research with his voice in the worlds of art for years: in theaters and operas, in audio dramas and films, in moderations and in free speech. For the Austrian culture radio station Ö1 he creates the show Philosophie Pur (pure philosophy).


Tomáš Sedláček is Czechs best-known economist. Books like The Economics of Good and Evil (2009, in eng. transl. 2011) or (R)evolutionary Economy: of Systems and Men (2013, together with David Graeber and Roman Chlupatý) have been inspiring capitalism critical thinking around the world.